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We plant all varieties of plants and help you select the best fit for your yard.

Planting Project 1

New plantings installed to match some existing box hedge and Japanese maple.  Botanical edge installed with pine bark soil conditioner. Transplanted existing hosta plants and added smaller perennials.

1 - after.jpg
1 - after(3).jpg
1 - after(2).jpg

Planting Project 2


Installed false cypress and blue globosa at entrance with day lilly and decorative rock and rework edging pavers.

2 - after.jpg

Planting Project 3


 Before and After: Installed New plantings and decorative boulder for left side of ranch home. Added dirt to fix grade and pine bark soil conditioner done, as well. 

3 - before.jpg
3 - after.jpg

Planting Project 4


 Boxwood and tiger eye sumac for the win. We incorporated some of the existing iris into new landscape too. Lavender for the sun and hosta for the shade.


Planting Project  5


Before and After: We were given a blank slate for the front yard. 

5 - after(1).jpg
5 - after.jpg

Planting Project 6

6 -after.jpg
6 - before.jpg
6 - after.jpg
6 -after(1).jpg

Planting Project 7

4 - before.jpg
4 - after(1).jpg
7 - after.jpg

Planting Project 8


Transplanted and split hosta and added to front landscape.

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